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Who are we?

OCHFL is a publicly held housing finance company based out of Nagpur registered under companies act 1956 and under license from National Housing Bank (NHB), a fully owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). OCHFL is one of the 55 odd HFC license holders across India and the only one in Central India (as of early 2011). The promoters of the company are a unique combination of entrepreneurs from Nagpur, other parts of India and abroad. They bring together a great understanding of the local market, corporate experience and global reach. This puts us in the enviable position of the ability to provide a great service to the citizens of Nagpur, Vidarbha and Central India specific to local requirements.

We provide affordable housing loans to all the sections of the society. Since inception we have lead ours clients on the path of success by lending home loans to individuals for construction/ extension/ renovation/ purchase; eventually helping them to achieve their goals.

We believe in and practice operational excellence – the loan processing times are much better than our competitors and the NPA is almost zero.

What’s in a name?

OCHFL stands for Orange City Housing Finance Limited.

Nagpur, at the centre of India, is known as the Orange City because of the quantity and quality of the oranges grown in the region. Orange color also signifies energy and warmth which is what we intend to provide to our customers. Essentially, OCHFL brings the essence of orange to the housing finance domain.

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