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OCHFL started got it’s license from NHB in the year of 2003 to provide affordable housing loan to the citizens of Nagpur. After running the company successfully for over 5 years, the then owners decided to exit and the company was taken over by Mr Atul Yamsanwar, the current chairman.

Mr Yamsanwar successfully grew the company by 500% in a period of 2 years. By the middle of 2010, the company already had a rich portfolio of affordable loans provided to various sections of the society.

In 2010, Mr Yamsanwar decided to spread the wings further and reach newer levels. This is when the exciting journey of bringing in disparate set of directors and investment started. Once the directors came on board, the vision and targets were re-written. OCHFL already has offices outside Nagpur. More branches are expected to be opened in the near future.

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